About Jo

An eclectic mix of new songs & 'best of' previous album releases, with some reworked into new styles & also performed live & remixed.

Revamped melodies and mashed up lyrics from previous album tracks + new songs.


About the duo

Electro-acoustic folktronic café bar style music produced by duo Joanne O'Dowd and Andrew Perron. Best enjoyed as a pre club warm up or as after club chillout.

Their sound has been compared to Kosheen, EBTG, Moloko, Bent, & Orbital.

All tracks were co-written, co-performed and co-produced by Joanne O'Dowd & Andrew Perron. Recorded, engineered & mastered at LUST4LUV studios.


Solo electronica

Using virtual studio software to edit & process her vocals, Jo created a textured electronic soundscape of layered synthesis & vocoders.

The music written solo by Jo as Rhapsodyze is pure electronica, with synthetic rhythms, textures & vocals. Her tracks are then produced by the duo together.

Jo's Live Performances

Go Steady & Phantasy | Extracted Passions | Penzance | Summer 2013

Radio | Cyberbabe Breathe & LRC Remix | BluetownElectronica | July 2013

Cause an Effect | Raison D'Etre Album | Penzance | Summer 2012

CyberBabe | Reasons 2B Album | Penzance | Summer 2011

Keep Singing | Interwoven Album | Nottingham | Autumn 2009



2011 Finished Interwoven album

2010 Demos & Audiolab Live Jam session on Soundcloud

2009 Vocal Remix from Bristol
Vocal collaborations in Nottingham
Live performances online

2008 Youtube performances of demo tracks & live performances
Our music sold through CDBaby to iTunes, Amazon etc.

2007 Jo's Vocal Collaborations with Cambridge, Belgium & Chicago
Reviewed in Future Music magazine.
Promotional pages created

2006 Fourth Album named 'Raison D'etre' finished

2005 Third Album named 'Reasons 2B' created, perfected & performed

2004 Second Album named 'Wave Metaphor' finished
2nd LUST4LUV website created

2003 Multimedia performance of all our Art, VJ, Music, & Poetry

2002 Live singing & performance alongside projected VJ visuals of our intrik8 art

2001 Album named 'Wave Metaphor' started

1999 Move from Nottingham to Cornwall for total solar eclipse
Perform completed album 'First Luv' at the Lizard Eclipse Festival, Cornwall

1998 Get inspired by the magic of Cornwall

1997 Album named 'First Luv' started
Highly praised in the Nottingham NME demo disc jury competition

1996 Two year Music Technology course in the Nottingham Square Centre studios
LUST4LUV music duo name official!

1995 Start making tracker based music together as a duo
'On Impulse' EP tracks created

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